Openfire is a real time collaboration server. It uses XMPP protocol for instant messaging. This tutorial will help you to install and configure your won instant messaging server using Openfire and Spark. You can configure it to use in your LAN as well as over internet also.

Step 1 – Prerequisites

Before installing Openfire make sure you have java installed on your system. If you do not have Java installed use following tutorials to install Java on your system.

  • How to Install Oracle JAVA 8 on Debian
  • How to Install Oracle JAVA 8 on Ubuntu & LinuxMint
  • How to Install Oracle JAVA 8 on CentOS/RHEL & Fedora

You also need to install Mysql server on the system (if using an external database). If you don’t MySQL installed, use the following to install it.

$ sudo apt install mysql-server   # Debian systems 
$ sudo rpm install mysql-server   # RPM based systems 
$ sudo dnf install mysql-server   # Fedora 22+ systems 

Step 2 – Download and Install Openfire

Use following command to download openfire or download the latest Openfire version from its official website.

RPM Based Systems:

$ wget
$ sudo rpm -ivh openfire-3.8.2-1.i386.rpm

Debian Systems:

$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i openfire_4.1.4_all.deb

Start Openfire Service

# service openfire start

Step 3 – Create MySQL Database and User

Openfire provides an embedded database HSQLDB, If you want to go with that, you don’t to create MySQL account and database here. But if want to use MySQL, use the following commands to create MySQL database and user.

$ mysql -u root -p

mysql> CREATE DATABASE openfire;
mysql> GRANT ALL on openfire.* to 'openfire'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'pa$$w0rd';

Step 4 – Configure Openfire

Openfire by default works on port 9090, Connect your server on port 9090 using the browser. It will open a configuration wizard, Follow the wizard and complete configuration. During wizard using above created MySQL credentials.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 3
Step 4
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Installation Completed

Step 5 – Create User in Openfire

Login to Openfire admin dashboard using the admin account. Now go under Users/Groups sections then select Users section. Now click on Create New User link and enter the required details and create the user. Create the multiple users as you wants

Admin Login
Create User

Step 6 – Connect to Openfire

To connect to Openfire you need to download “spark” client software and install on your system. Download latest version of Spark for your operating system from its official website. Install spark client and log in to your account, or register new accounts.