DNS (Domain Name System) is one of the backbones of the Internet. You can’t imagine running websites over the public network where millions of users around the world. Think there are no DNS available and you need to access the website using IP Address, Then it would be hard to remember to IP address of thousands of websites we visit daily. This is DNS, which is responsible to provide IP address for a domain name and we access websites from backend web servers.

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  • Flush DNS Cache

    Execute the below command to Flush DNS cache on your Ubuntu and Linux Mint systems.

sudo /etc/init.d/dns-clean start

Why You need to flush DNS cache?

Sometimes, the websites moved to other servers or simply changes there IP address for some reasons. Now the responsibility of DNS to resolve the new IP address to allow uninterpreted access of websites. Our systems keep a cache of DNS records, which allows for faster resolution of IP address. After changing of IP address of any domain, it takes time to update local cache. In the meantime, you may get a broken page error. In this situation, You need to flush the local DNS cache. Now the question is How to Flush the DNS Cache in Ubuntu and Linux Mint? and I Hope this article helped you to do this.