Elementary OS 6.1 Released, upgrade now !!!!

Still not tried the elementary OS 6 release ? Well, now there’s even more reason to.

Available to download from today is elementary OS 6.1, the first point-release in the 6.x series. This milestone rolls together all of the post-release updates, fixes, and encements dished out to the distro since its debut, resulting in a nice, new, shiny .iso image.

“With OS 6.1, we’ve focused in on addressing feedback with new features and fixes; making elementary OS more useful with office productivity features; [and] expanding compatibility with a wide range of hardware,” elementary project founder Danielle Foré writes.

And with the elementary OS 6.0 “Odin” release downloaded a deft 240,000 times (and counting) there will be a lot of folks looking to checkout elementary OS 6.1 “Jólnir”.

So let’s take a quick look at what’s new and improved.

elementary OS 6.1 ‘Jólnir’

If you’ve noticed that the App Center in elementary OS 6.0 has some content, you’ll be pleased to know its inventory has significantly improved. A host of thoughtful additions improve app discoverability, while a new report card makes it easier for users to deal with what an app can do once installed.

There is also a new progress indicator when installing, removing, or updating apps; redesigned payment dialog; and better subscription side loading capabilities of App Center.

We previewed elementary’s more straightforward alternative tab experience a few weeks ago. What’s included here, as well as ‘refreshed dialogs’ that animate from above their parent app and blur the view behind. The improved File Picker and App Picker portal makes it a little easier to open the right file, I’m the right app.

App Launcher now allows you to search bookmarked folders and locations; there is an extra click for search results and shows launchers for newly installed apps much better. It also becomes easier to launch applications on dedicated graphics on hybrid graphics systems (e.g. NVIDIA Optimus).

Files are the default file manager in elementary OS and in the 6.1 updates it has improved drag and drop to the sidebar; drag to select multiple groups of files with the ctrl key; and the “Connect to Server” dialog now allows setting a blank password for remote connections, such as connecting to an SSH server using a private key instead of a password.

Other changes:

  • Ability to ‘stash’ the picture-in-picture window off screen edge
  • Free desktop standard dark style preference
  • Login & Lock screen now uses accent colour (if set)
  • Improved IMAP authentication in Online Accounts
  • Videos now supports two-finger-swipe to go back
  • Web cam apps saves full-resolution pictures
  • Misc improvements to Calendar
  • Edit existing accounts in Online Accounts
  • Power indicator shows brightness level when scrolled
  • Battery percentage automatically shows when batter is low
  • Web 41 (aka Epiphany) included
  • Based on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

Finally, to round out the release there are several tweaks to the elementary OS installer and initial setup tool that make it easier to set the name of a device; tweaks to make finding specific settings easier when using the Settings search feature; and more consistent styling of the Housekeeping section where shown.

Download elementary OS 6.1

You can upgrade to elementary OS 6.1 from the 6.0 release. You do not have to do a fresh install. In fact, if you currently use the distro and you stay on top of system updates, you’re likely running 6.1 already.

As usual, you can download elementary OS 6.1 from the elementary project website.

Although you’re presented with a pay-what-you-want modal you can enter ‘0’ as the value amount to download elementary OS for free. If you like what you find do consider popping back to the site to make a small donation to help support the distro and its developers.


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